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What are the effects?  How long does nicotine stay       Tolerance and Dependency

 Nicotine causes wide range of effects including:  in the body?  Nicotine  is a  highly  addictive substance.  Use  of
                                                          Nicotine can cause tolerance – this means the body
 •  Release of adrenaline  •  Altered taste  Nicotine can be detected in the body for about   needs a higher dose of the drug to achieve the
 •  Mild muscle relaxation  •  Coughing  3 to 5 hours, but this duration changes based on   same desired effect. Repeated use can also cause
                                                          dependency, where a person has a very strong desire
 •  Nausea and vomiting  •  Laxative effects  how frequently you use nicotine and individual   to continue using nicotine (even if there are negative
 •  Reduced appetite  •  Increased heart rate  body  differences and may be detected for   consequences) and may have difficulty stopping.
 •  Respiratory effects  •  Bad breath  much longer.
 •  Increased blood pressure  •  Reduced fertility        A person with a nicotine dependency may experience
     When smoked Nicotine  reaches the brain in           withdrawal effects  if they  try  to  stop smoking,  such
 When smoked, Nicotine reaches the brain in about 10   about 10 to 20 seconds, and reaches full blood   as cravings, irritability, anxiety, restlessness, increased
                                                          appetite and difficulty sleeping .
 to 20 seconds, and reaches full blood concentration   concentration within 5 mins.
 within 5 minutes .                                       The Law
 Smokers tend to adjust (titrate) their dose of nicotine
 to  their  preference  by  smoking  more  often,  puffing                  Smoking
 more,  and  inhaling deeper.  Because of  this,  it  is   Risks         products may
 difficult  to  find  out  how  much  nicotine  a  person  is           only be bought
 absorbing.  Nicotine use is associated with some risks to health:  by and sold to people
                                                                 over the age of 18 years.
   Interactions                                                 e-Cigarettes containing
   Drug  use, including nicotine,  rarely involves one        nicotine are not available
   substance. People use multiple common legal drugs,               for sale in Australia.
   such as caffeine and alcohol, and some people may
   use a combination of legal and illegal drugs – all of
   which can interact in unexpected ways.

   Tobacco Use                                            In Australia, tobacco and nicotine laws  differ
 e-Cigarette   Smoking has a wide range of risks to health, including   between states and territories.

 Use  respiratory  (breathing)  diseases,  inflammatory  and   Smoking products may only be bought by and sold
   autoimmune  diseases, bone density loss, gingivitis
 There is not enough current   and mouth ulcers, increased risk of infection, reduced   to  people  over  the  age  of  18  years.    e-Cigarettes
 research on the effects of   fertility,  and is linked to  an  increase in  the  numbers   containing nicotine are not available  for sale  in
 e-cigarette use. e-Cigarettes may   and mortality of a number of different types of cancer.   Australia.
 cause different harms from smoking   These risks increase the longer a person smokes.   Many states have laws  regarding where smoking
 tobacco. e-Cigarettes contain fewer                      is permitted,  such as whether  you  are  allowed to
 chemicals than tobacco, but still   Pregnancy            smoke inside a car with children or  how  far away
 may increase the risk of many   Smoking during pregnancy is harmful   from a public door you must be.
   to both the mother and unborn child.
 respiratory and other   It can disrupt the  development of the
 diseases.  baby, and may cause miscarriage, low          Australia has very strict laws regarding the advertising
                                                          and sale  of smoking products including restrictions
   birth weight or ectopic pregnancy. It is               on what stores can display and compulsory graphic
   safest not  to smoke during  pregnancy                 health warnings on cigarette packaging.
   and breastfeeding.
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