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Checklist 2: Alcohol & Other Drugs  Help and Info

 Once you have completed the  General  Wellbeing   Checklist 2: The Results  If you'd like to  speak to  someone,  local treatment
 Checklist inside the brochure, it may have prompted   services will be able to provide support for you and
 you to complete this checklist.   If you  answered Yes to  0-1 questions:  This   your family, and can answer any questions you may
 suggests you're doing OK. Keep an eye on any
 symptoms, and don’t hesitate to reach out for   have about your wellbeing and health changes.
 In the last 12 months...  Yes  help if you need it.  •  Parents, Elders and trusted friends

 If you answered Yes to 2-3 questions: You might   •  GPs and Pharmacists  Check in
 be  having some  mild problems with  alcohol/  •  Local Alcohol and Other Drug Services
 Do you often take more alcohol or drugs   drugs. Consider speaking to your GP, and keep      on your
 than you mean to?
 an eye on your symptoms.     or  look under A in the phone book
 •  Other helping services like Youth, Mental    wellbeing
 Do you feel you should quit or cut down, or   If you answered Yes to 4 or more questions: You      Health or Disability services
 have you tried and haven’t been able to?  may be having moderate to severe problems
 with alcohol/drugs. Speak to your GP, or reach   •  Lifeline Australia        13 11 14
 out to a specific alcohol and drug service. There   •  Kid’s Helpline   1800 55 1800
 Do you spend a lot of time using, finding or
 recovering from using alcohol or drugs?  are many services available to help you deal   •  Poisons Information Centre   13 11 26
 with any problems and work with you to achieve   •  National sexual assault, domestic
 your goals for improving your wellbeing.     and family violence helpline    1800 RESPECT
 Do you find yourself craving alcohol or
 drugs?  •  Family Drug Support a 24/7 service                or   1300 368 186
 Has you use of alcohol or drugs made you   •
 fail to meet responsibilities at home, school
 or work?  • - youth website
 •  Medicines Line        1300 MEDICINE
 Have you continued to use alcohol or other
 drugs even when it has caused (or made   •  Get the effects by txt!   0439 TELL ME
 worse) problems with family and friends?     Simply text the name of the drug you want to know about
 Check out more brochures in this series.   It’s healthy to check in on ourselves now
 Have you quit or lessened time with friends,
 hobbies, or work pursuits because of   and then.  It can help us identify areas
 alcohol or other drugs?  which may need attention to improve our
 Whatever   health and wellbeing.
 Have you used alcohol or other drugs in   your results you
 physically risky situations (like driving)?  are not alone. There   The simple checklists inside this brochure
 are many services that can   will  help you check in with how you’re
 Have you continued to use alcohol or drugs   These plus more are available at
 even when they cause you physical or   help you, from websites with tips   faring.
 mental health problems?  for staying well, to your local GP or   In an emergency call 000
 support services to help you ensure you   000
 Have you needed to use more alcohol or   have a healthy relationship with alcohol
 drugs over time to get the same effect?  other and other drugs.

 Have you experienced withdrawal   A resource of
 symptoms after stopping?
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