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What is Cannabis?  Help and Info

 Cannabis is the short name for the plant Cannabis   If you’d like to speak to someone, local treatment
 Sativa,  which has been grown by humans for   services will be able to provide support for you and
 centuries and is one of the oldest known drugs. It is   your family, and can answer questions you may
 also known as marijuana, weed, dope, grass, pot,   have about cannabis, withdrawal, and recovery.
 skunk, ganga, hash, mull, and many other names.
 •  Parents, Elders and trusted friends
 The two main active ingredients in cannabis are:  •  GPs and Pharmacists
 •  THC (Delta-9 Tetrahydrocannabinol), causing
 the ‘high’ feelings, and;  •  Local Alcohol and Other Drug Services
 •  CBD (Cannabidiol),  causing the ‘comfy’
 feelings.      or  look under A in the phone book
 Sometimes the plants are grown with more of one   •  Family Drug Support a 24/7 service
 chemical than the other in order to get the desired               or   1300 368 186
 effects.  •  Fire, Ambulance, Police    000

 The cannabis  plant has    •  Lifeline Australia        13 11 14
 palm-shaped leaves with 3 to   •  Kid’s Helpline   1800 55 1800
 11 leaflets (fingers), which are   •  Poisons Information Centre   13 11 26
 jagged on the edges. When   •
 purchased, cannabis usually
 looks like dry plant matter in   • - youth website
 colours ranging from light   •  Medicines Line               1300 MEDICINE
 green to brown.  •  Get the effects by txt!   0439 TELL ME
    Simply text the name of the drug you want to know about
 Cannabis may also be used medicinally. Research
 is currently underway in Australia for the use of
 cannabis as a treatment for epilepsy in children and
 nausea control for patients with HIV or cancer.  Check out more brochures in this series.
       Cannabis  (marijuana, weed, pot) is  the
       most commonly used illegal  drug in

       Cannabis is a psychedelic drug, meaning
             ‘Hemp’    it can change the  way you perceive
        may be referred    These plus more are available at    reality for a short time.
      to as cannabis.
   Hemp does not   In an emergency call 000

 have an effect   000
 on humans and has
 many industrial uses.
 A resource of      A resource of
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