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Talking about alcohol and other   Help and Info

 drugs with young people isn’t   If you’d like to speak to someone, local treatment
 one big talk  services will be able to provide support for you and
 your family, and can answer any questions you may
 Having many small  conversations over the years   have about  alcohol and other  drugs,  withdrawal,
 helps reinforce  messages and  keep  the  lines of   and recovery.
 communication open.
 •  Parents, Elders and trusted friends
 Alcohol and other  drug discussions  can be quick   •  GPs and Pharmacists
 and topical (like a comment about something on
 the news) or they can be more in depth (like talking   •  Local Alcohol and Other Drug Services
 to a young person about what they see happening
 around them), whatever suits you and your young      or  look under A in the phone book
 person.  •  Fire, Ambulance, Police    000
 •  Lifeline Australia        13 11 14
    •  Kid’s Helpline   1800 55 1800
    •  Poisons Information Centre   13 11 26
 Add the
 topic into your   •  Family Drug Support a 24/7 service
 normal everyday               or   1300 368 186
 conversation as   •
 opportunities arise  • - youth website
 •  Medicines Line        1300 MEDICINE
 •  Get the effects by txt!   0439 TELL ME
 The Law     Simply text the name of the drug you want to know about

       Raising children  is full of  all kinds
 In Australia, alcohol and other drug laws  differ   Check out more brochures in this series.
 between states and territories. Generally alcohol   of  conversations,  from  the  easy
 is legal to  buy and consume for  people over  the   (“why can’t we eat cake for breakfast?”)
 age of 18.  Laws for other types of drugs (such as   to  the not  so easy (“how are babies
 cannabis, party pills, etc.) vary by state and territory   made?”).
 as well, but generally they are illegal to buy, sell and
 possess – at all ages.  Talking about alcohol and other  drugs
 In some states, people under  18 years may drink   These plus more are available at    can be one of those not-so-easy
 under adult supervision on private property with a   conversations.  This brochure has some
 parent or guardian’s permission.  tips to make it easier  for  everyone.
 000  In an emergency call 000
 Australia also has strict laws regarding drinking and
 driving. Learners and P Platers cannot  have any
 alcohol in their blood at all when driving: they must   A resource of
 have a Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) of 0.00. Fully
 licensed drivers cannot drive if they have a BAC of  A resource of
 over 0.05.
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