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Party Time!  Need More Info?

 Getting  together  with friends, family, and even   You  can  find  more  information  online.  Check  out
 complete strangers can be incredibly fun!   these  links  to  make  sure  you  have  a  great  night.
 It is also good  idea to  chat with your
 Whether your party has alcohol (and other drugs)   local police station about laws specific to your state.
 or  not,  good  planning can  make  partying  safer  –
 leaving more time and energy to enjoy yourself!  •  Party Rules book from

 It all comes down to two easy things:   • - safe partying page  Party Hard,
 •  Medicines Line        1300 MEDICINE  but Party Safe
 1.  Look after yourself  •  Youth Law Australia
 2.  Look after your mates  •  Get the effects by txt!   0439 TELL ME
    Simply text the name of the drug you want to know about

 Other services

 •  Local Alcohol and Other Drug Services
    or  look under A in the phone book
 •  Fire, Ambulance, Police    000
 •  Lifeline Australia        13 11 14
 •  Kid’s Helpline   1800 55 1800
 •  Poisons Information Centre   13 11 26
 Peachy  •  Family Drug Support a 24/7 service   People love to party. If you’re thinking of

 Evening               or   1300 368 186  having a party, attending a party, or having
 Check out more brochures in this series.   a night out, here’s a few things to think
 A simple, fruity mocktail that is   about to make sure you have a great time.
 quick to prepare and easy to enjoy.
 For those who enjoy less sweet
 drinks, it is easy to soften the flavour   Featuring
 using a little water.

 These plus more are available at

 Orange Juice ..........1 1/2 cups  000  In an emergency call 000
 Peach nectar ......... 1 cup
 Lemon ..................... 2 slices
 MAKE IT  A resource of
 In a glass of your choice, pour and gently mix the  A resource of
 Orange Juice and Peach Nectar.  To serve, garnish
 each glass with a slice of lemon.
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