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What is Alcohol?  Help and Info

 Alcohol is any beverage containing Ethanol. It is one   If you’d like to speak to someone,  local treatment
 of the oldest known drugs and has been used by   services will be able to provide support for you and
 humans for centuries.  It is also known by many other   your family, and can answer any questions you may
 names including grog, booze, plonk and brew.  have about alcohol, withdrawal, and recovery.

 The  term ‘alcohol’  is typically used for  Ethanol,   •  Parents, Elders and trusted friends
 or  ethyl alcohol.  Ethanol is produced  by the   •  GPs and Pharmacists
 fermentation of carbohydrates by yeasts, and can      Alcohol
 occur naturally in overripe and rotting fruits .   •  Local Alcohol and Other Drug Services
 The differences between alcoholic drinks (such      or  look under A in the phone book
 as beer and spirits)  are due to the methods and   •  Fire, Ambulance, Police     000
 ingredients used to produce the beverage.
 •  Lifeline Australia        13 11 14
 Alcohol is typically drunk in a beverage though it   •  Kid’s Helpline   1800 55 1800
 can be used in cooking where most (but not all) of   •  Poisons Information Centre   13 11 26
 the alcohol burns or vaporises away .  •  Family Drug Support a 24/7 service
 2               or    1300 368 186
 Alcohol  is  measured  in  ‘Standard  Drinks’.
 1 standard drink  is 10grams of  alcohol.  A  drink  is   •
 often  much more than a ‘standard drink’. When   • - youth website
 sold, alcoholic drinks in wine bottles, cans etc are   • - Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder
 labeled with how many standard drinks are in each
 bottle/can. This allows  you to keep track of how   •  Medicines Line                  1300 MEDICINE
 many standard drinks are being consumed.  •  Get the effects by txt!    0439 TELL ME
    Simply text the name of the drug you want to know about

 Check out more brochures in this series.
       Most people drink alcohol responsibly
       most of the time.
       However, some people may consume
       alcohol at a level that increases their risk
       of harm, including injury and disease.
 These plus more are available at

 000  In an emergency call 000

 A resource of       A resource of
 References: Visit to find a comprehensive list of references for this resource

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